Easily keep a list of your searches and be able to name each one, so you don't have to repeat yourself, or keep 10 tabs open on your browser.


  1. super fast search speeds
  2. automatically run your searches every 10 mins (by default)
  3. plays a sound notification if the total items found are more than zero
  4. automatically copy the wtb message for you into your clipboard upon a clicking
Very useful when waiting for an item(s) to go online, waiting for somebody to sell a Headhunter, or a 10c Tabula Rasa.

See also reddit post: https://redd.it/3sw3k5

I hope this will help improve your Path of Exile trading experience. Enjoy!

Note: To change/disable the sound, just change/remove the path to the sound file specified in the sound file text field. Also see more notes at: https://github.com/thirdy/poe.trade.assist/releases/

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poe.trade.assist is fan made tool and is not affiliated with Grinding Gear Games in any way.

100% free and open source under GPLv2 license