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AutoHotKey script to automate HTTP calls to like price checking.
This tool had become very popular for the game and has been maintained and grown by the community.

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A Search website specialized in finding items for trade.
It features search by terms instead of a search form similar to a search engine powered by ElasticSearch.
This is a collaborative project where I worked on the JavaScript parts.
We lauched this website under the domain (now offline)

Project Website


Predecessor to ExileTrade, it features the same concept of search by terms but as a Java Swing Desktop Application.
This tool acts as a layer on top of popular search site called
It works by emulating HTTP requests to and web scraping it’s html respone.
The tool was popular for bringing automated search to non-technical players.

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An experimental search tool I made in the past to explore JavaFX 8 and Java 8.
It relies in the REST API from ElasticSearch.

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Forgotten Mods

A chrome extension providing Quality of Life features to
It heavily uses JQuery in order to modify the website.

Project Website

"Simple is not Easy"
- Rich Hickey

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